DIY Kentucky Derby Party


Here’s what you’ll need:

– Mason Jars (in various sizes)
– Acrylic craft paint
– Gold Spray Paint
– Gold Number Stickers
– Fabric Scraps
– Small Horse Figurines (like these)
– Scissors
– Paper Plate
– Spray Adhesive or Hot Glue


1. Start by painting the inside of your mason jars. You can use spray paint OR the craft paint method.

2. Help the jars dry. Place them upside down for about 15 minutes to allow the extra paint to drip down & onto the plate, then pick them up and repeat this process on a 2nd paper plate.

3. And now for the embellishments… add little circles of preppy fabric or paper to the bottom of the jars (which will actually be the “top” of them in regards to the centerpiece design since the jars are displayed upside down).

4. Top your jars with gold horses. (Spray painted toy horses with a gold finish.)

For the finishing touches on the jar, spray paint the rims gold + add gold number stickers as a nod to the race horse numbers

What you’ll need for Neck Tie Garlands:

– Fabric
– Card Stock
– Spray Adhesive
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– Twine/String for hanging


1. Download and print the Tie Template.

2. Cut the tie template sheet apart, so that you end up with a rectangular strip of paper for each tie outline, then cut similar sizes pieces of fabric to match.

3. Use spray adhesive to attach the back side of your fabric to the back of the paper tie strips.

4. Cut the tie shape out, using the template lines on the paper as a guide.  

5. To add dimension to the top of the tie, cut a small square of fabric in the same pattern, and fold it into a rectangular strip. Wrap the folded fabric strip around the top portion of the tie, trim as necessary, and secure in the back with hot glue. No need to be perfect here! You can just eyeball this step and adjust the fabric strips as necessary.

6. For the finishing touch, add DIY Gold Derby Decals to play up the Kentucky Derby® theme!

7. Use hot glue to attach the finished ties to your twine/string of choice, spacing them out evenly and alternating the colors/patterns of the ties for a fun, preppy look. Now hang up those garlands up and enjoy!

Print out these FREE Kentucky Derby Party Printable’s for inspiration when putting together your party!

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